【Jujutsu Kaisen】Learning Japanese from Anime “Episode 21” Season 2

Jujutsu Kaise for Learning JapaneseJujutsu Kaisen

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Anime Is Perfect for Learning Japanese

Anime Is Perfect for Learning Japanese

Did you know “Anime is good learning Japanese tool?”

There are two reasons.

  1. Anime character use real Japanese
  2. You can enjoy to watch Anime, so you can keep studying

I call SFromA (Study From Anime) that helps you learning Japanese free.

I made SFromA Japanese → English,
English → Japanese.

Japanese → English is not lot yet, but I will make for you guys!

All Anime Is Good for SFromA?

All Anime Is Good for SFromA?

My answer is NO.

Because some character uses weird or funny speaking style.
Good example for this is Naruto.

We never use 『だってばよ “da tte ba yo“』in my life.

Naruto is using weird Japanese. Do not learn Japanese from Naruto!

I make a list that who’s Japanese is good for learning Japanese.

You can choose Anime from SFromA, and
you can start learning Japanese!


Any language study, you need to continue.

Anime helps you to keep studying.

How To Use SFromA ?

How to use SFromA?

This is very simple.
There are two steps.

  1. Watch Anime Japanese and English subtitle. (Just enjoy)
  2. Watch SFromA (I pick 2 or 3 phrase that real Japanese use)

You can listen Japanese, and
you have multiple choice to answer.

If you want to write and read Japanese, SFromA is not suitable.
SFromA is for understanding Japanese for real using.
You will be able to speak and listen Japanese!!

Let’s start it!

Jujutsu Kaisen Is Good For Learning Japanese!

『酔ってたのyo tte ta no?』Nobara Kugi saki

Answer is … 2!
This is question sentence, so when you want to ask friends about you are drunk or not, you can use it.

Answer Video

Answer Video

『ショックなんだけどsho kku na nn da ke do』Yuji Itadori

Answer is… 1
Try to memorize and try to say it!
Yuji is your teacher !!

Answer Video

Answer Video

Jujutsu Kaisen Best Moment in Episode 21

“I’ll surpass you in no time.” Megumi Fushiguro

"I’ll surpass you in no time." Megumi Fushiguro

It’s just whether or not you can accept it.

There’s no accepting anything if you can’t have it your way.

Weak sorcerers can’t do that.

So I’m going to become strong, too.

I’ll surpass you in no time.
Megumi Fushiguro