SFromA 1. Do you just watch Anime now? You waste of time…

Study from Anime(SFromA)

What you can know from this page…?

  1. Anime is good for tool to study Japanese.
  2. Who is Daruma.
  3. What Daruma did?
I love Anime

If you just watch Anime, you miss the chance to learn Japanese.
What is the key to study Japanese?
→Keep studying Japanese everyday.

Anime is helpful to keep you studying Japanese!

Hello. I’m Daruma.
I studied English from Anime, and Anime is helping to grow up my English skill dramatically.
Thus, I though you can study Japanese from Anime.
I make a Japanese study book(SFromA), so you can speak and write Japanese!!!


Why waste of time just watching Anime??

Because if you check SFromA before or after watching Anime,
you can speak and understand Japanese.

Also, SFromA is easy to understand,
and don’t need a lot of time.
When you watch Anime, it is fun.
If you can learn Japanese same time, it is super good idea, isn’t it?

Who is Daruma

After graduating high school in Japan,
Daruma decided to go to America.
This time, he couldn’t speak, write, and listen to English.
Really, Daruma did not have any words…


My roommate came to the airport to pick me up,
and he said: “What is your name?”

I said “YES”

I was the level like this!
So, whoever has a potential to speak, listen,
and write Japanese if you have motivation for it!

I really couldn’t hear any words when I came to America.
Now, I am better than this time.

When Daruma English change??

I can say when I studied English from Anime,
my English skill dramatically growing up.

Before I do SFromA,
I studied from the English book.

It is hard, and It is not interesting…
So, I stopped studying English even I need it.
If a person studied from the book,
a person will be able to get a high score in the English Test.
I think not for speaking or listening.

After 2 months,
I finish to study English in America…
and I couldn’t speak English, so I don’t have friends.

I don’t care I can get a high score or not.
Just, I want to speak and understand English!!!!

If you want to speak Japanese,
or you want to understand Japanese,
it is important that keep studying.

What Daruma accomplish?

I went to America with no knowledge about English, but
I graduate university with 3.5 and I got scholarship from university.

Also, I am going to get MBA in United, States.
My English skill from Anime. It is real!

Your next step.

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Next is “SFromA 3, How to use Study form Anime?

If you want to skip and start studying,
You can choose Anime.

Demon Slayer

Tokyo Ghoul

My Hero Academia

The Promised Neverland