The Promised Neverland (SFromA) Part 01

The Promised Neverland
When you study Japanese, you need to know this!
  1. English and Japanese are very different, so don’t worry that you can’t understand everything.
  2. You should study every day, so Anime is helpful.
  3. you should keep studying in your life.
    Thus, Anime is helpful because when you are interesting, you can keep studying!!!

※If you never studying Japanese, you should watch this one first.
1, Do you just watch Anime?
2, The first step to study Japanese
3, How to use “Study from Anime(SFromA)”??

Hey guys. Let’s keep studying Japanese from Anime!!
Have you seen “The Promised Neverland”???
The anime is super sick and little be scared anime I think…

Here, I teach you guys that level 1 Japanese that is Words.
Let’s keep studying!!!!! Enjoy it.

SFromA level 1

First, we can study from Emma!

  • Happy = うれしい(u re shi i)

I show you another emotional words.

  • sad = かなしい(ka na shi i)
  • tired = しんどい(shi nn do i)
  • hot = あつい(a tsu i)
  • cold = さむい(sa mu i)
  • fun = たのしい(ta no shi i)

who find some trick here? The trick is most emotional words of end is い(i)。

  • giraffe = きりん(ki li nn)

I show you more animals name.

  • dog = いぬ(i nu)
  • cat = ねこ(ne ko)
  • bird = とり(to ri)
  • elephant = ぞう (zo u)
  • lion = らいおん (la i o nn)
  • gorilla = ごりら (go li la)

When Japanese write animal names, they sometimes write by katakana(different styles of Japanese).
EX) dog = いぬ = イヌ(katakana) = 犬(kannji)

SFromA level 2

If you think it is difficult, you skip to the next one. You can study at just level 1. It is important that learn Japanese every day!!!!

  • Emma, can you give me a hand over here?
    (E ma, ko tti te tu da tte.)

Here is important words in this sentence.

  • Emma = エマ(e ma)= Person name
  • give me a hand = てつだって(te tu da tte)
  • over here = こっち(ko tti)

Also, it is important that Japanese has a small つ(tu)。
This word does not pronounce, but it means the front word stops and connect after word.

For example, こっち pronounce = こ(ko) pouse ち(ti).

Second one is from Norman.

  • I wonder… I wonder what this gate is protecting us from
    (ko re, , , i tta i na ni ka ra bo ku ra wo ma mo tte ru nn da ro u)

Herer is important words in this sentence.

  • gate = もん(mo nn)
  • Protect = まもる(ma mo lu)
  • from ~ = ~から(~ka la)

Here is how to use “from” in Japanese sentence!

I came from America = わたしはアメリカからきた。
(wa ta shi ha a me li ka ka ra ki ta)

Third one is from Emma

  • Is this place a farm?
    (ko ko ha no u e nn?)

I teach you from this sentence that question.

most of the Japanese question pronounce is easy because you just rise the ending words.

For example, のうえん(↑)? = answer is yes or no.

SFromA level 3

Again, If you think today is enough, you come back tomorrow for studying the next chapter!
This is level three, so…
Don’t worry that you can’t understand everything. You can know what is Japanese. Let’s keep studying!!

Izabera said this

  • you can’t go near the gate, no matter what.
    (ze tta i ni ti ka du i ta ra da me yo).

Level 3 show you connection words in sentence.
First it is words.

  • ぜったい (ze tea i) = must, no matter
  • 近づく (ti ka zu ku) = going to near. Thus, 近い=near


These yellow highlight are conection words.

If the sentence does not have 「に」 ぜったいだめ(You must not)=It is make sense, but we don’t know what I must not do it.
Thus, this 「に」indicate 近く(going to near the gate).

~たら = It means simple. It means “if you do it” ←So, nobody did not do yet.

↓↓ Just memorize this one↓↓

うそつき(u so tsu ki)
You are liar.

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