SFromA 2. The first step to study Japanese

Study from Anime(SFromA)

What you can know from this page?

  • About Japanese letter
    ⅰ, Hiragana letter map (possible to download)
    ⅱ, Pronunciation map for Japanese (possible to download)

Do you want to study Japanese?

There are a lot of styles for studying Japanese,
however, every style needs to know about Japanese letter like alphabets “a b c d”.

Here, I teach you Japanese letter!

Japanese style

There are three basic Japanese style which are hiragana, katakana, and kanji.

Hiragana is like 「あ い う え お」→level 1
katakana is like 「ア イ ウ エ オ」→level 3
kanji is like 「達磨 笑顔 携帯」→ level 10

In my opinion, when you study Japanese,
you should study from hiragana first because
hiragana and katakana are super similar.
Kanji is super different,
but you should know that hiragana is a basic Japanese style.

Kanji → hiragana → katakana


Kanji has a lot of means and different pronunciation. It is hard to memorize it even Japanese!!
So, don’t worry, some Japanese can’t read kanji because they did not study.
In other words, when you study, you can read it!

How to start studying Japanese???

From here, I teach you how to study Japanese from zero.

Japanese has 5 basic letter that I show you top of the page “あ い う え お”

あ = pronounce “a” This “a” pronounce “Apple”
い = pronounce “i” This “i” pronounce “it”
う = pronounce “u” This “u” pronounce “Uver eat”
え = Pronounce “e” This “e” pronounce “egg”
お = pronounce “o” This “o” pronounce “onion”

These “a” “i” “u” “e” “o” need to pronounce every Japanese.


か き く け こ = ka ki ku ke ko
さ し す せ そ = sa si(shi) su se so
た ち つ て と = ta ti tu(tsu) te to
な に ぬ ね の = na ni nu ne no
は ひ ふ へ ほ = ha hi hu he ho
ま み む め も = ma mi mu me mo
や   ゆ   よ = ya  yu  yo
ら り る れ ろ = la li lu le ro
わ   を   ん = wa  wo  nn (just three words are little different, just remember!)

↑↑you should remember these words first.
Then, you can know what is Japanese pronunciation.

I recommend you copy this one before start

If you want to write down to study, you can copy this one and search in Google!
→あいうえお 練習

Pronounceation graph. I also recommned copy this one.

This youtube is I recommend for Japanese first learners.
It is cute and it is easy to understand!!!!
Myu sings AIUEO

Next step after you copy the Japanese letter graph…

After you copy or open the new tab for the Japanese pic, you can see it when you study Japanese.
There are two ways to study Japanese.

1, you try to listen to the words that I pick up from Anime. It means, you should listen carefully to anime, and you find it. It helps you make a better Japanese listener.

2, If you want to try to write down, you should write the words many times.
It is helpful to remember which letter is what and how to pronounce.

If you have a question, just comment here! If I can help you, I will response it.
Keep studying Japanese everyday. Everyday!

Your next step.

I think you already read this one.
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Next is “SFromA 3, How to use Study form Anime?

If you want to skip and start studying,
You can choose Anime.

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