SFromA 3. How to use “Study from Anime”??

Study from Anime(SFromA)

What you can know from this page?

  • Why study from Anime.
  • How to use SFromA (Study from Anime)

A writer who is Daruma makes a lot of study guide from Anime(we call SFromA).
I explain what is SFromA,
Why to study Japanese from Anime,
how to use these SFromA?

Why study from Anime???

It is important to understand studying Japanese is super hard.
Therefore, you need to keep studying.

How to keep studying??
Answer is from Anime!!
because it is fun, and fun is helpful to keep your focus!

Moreover, there are many kinds of Anime in the world.
Japanese Anime has high quality,
and every character has a different voice actor who is real Japanese.
It means you can listen to real Japanese.

Anime character is your teacher!!!

I’m teacher pic

What is for SFromA???

SFromA means “Study from Anime”,
Daruma creates SFromA with 3 different levels.

level 1= Japanese words (super basic such as subject and adjective, and short sentence)
level 2= Japanese words (pick up the words from the sentence), you just memorize it.
level 3 = Japanese sentence (mix. It means subject and verb.) or connection words.

How to use SFromA??

There is two ways Daruma suggest to use SFromA.

First↓↓ (If you never watch the Anime which is Daruma suggest it.)

  1. Before watch Anime, just quick check SFromA. (What are the new words?)
  2. When you’re watching Anime, try to find new words. (Just listening)
  3. After you watch chapter 1, check chapter 1 of SFromA again.
  4. You should spell out new words or write new words!

After watching Anime, you can understand that the new words can use for this situation.

Second ways.↓↓ (you already watched Daruma suggests Anime!!!)

Don’t worry!
If you like anime that Daruma suggests,
you can watch it again, but if you don’t want to,
you don’t need to watch it again.

  1. Check the SFromA.
  2. Write the new words to your note
  3. try to speak the new words

If you can’t understand how to spell out,
you should watch again
because anime character teaches you!

Again, you can’t learn everything about Japanese in one day,
so you need to keep studying with fun!

SFromA is super helpful…
Now, you can start to check anime which you want to study!

Which anime do you like?

You can choose Anime.
Daruma who is author publish as many as possible for new one!

Demon Slayer

Tokyo Ghoul

My Hero Academia

The Promised Neverland