Cutie products, you should buy it


Today, I introduce about Stationery items in Cutie. Cutie has more than 100 items for just stationery.

Many custormers pass the first section, but there are stationeries.

Don’t go to forward!!! CHeck your back
Then, you can see many cute items!

Now, I introduce famous items and recommend items 😄

1st. Famous Items☝🏻

1, Cute Small Eraser.

Small, Cute, various eraser.
I think white cat is the best famous…
Tooth eraser.

We have various types of these eraser. These are so popular in Cutie.

2, Book Stand

We have many kinds of bookstand. You know these items sometimes can’t see, but Japanese like cute one. When friends pick up the book, and they will say “what is this cute one!?”

3. These pens

You need at least one pen, right?

2nd. From here, I write about my recommendation☝🏻

1, Page Holder

Very convenience holder to fix magazine, music book and cookery book!

2, Blindfold Stamp

You should protect yourself. This one is easy to hide personal information.

3, Lipstick Shaped Pens.

This one is so cute right???

Cutie has many cute staffs, so when you coming store, you can’t go out quickly haha.