My Hero Academia for studying Japanese SFromA CH02

My Hero Academia
Are you ready to study Japanese from Anime?

When You start studying Japanese, you should know this.

  1. Japanese is difficult more than English because of the same words but different meanings by different Pronunciation.
  2. Japanese is difficult, so you need to keep studying!!
  3. Anime characters teach you how to pronounce Japanese.

If you are first time SFromA, you should check these 3 steps before studying.

  1. Do you just watch Anime? It waste of your time…
  2. The first step to study Japanese
  3. How to use SFromA?

What’s up learner!! Are you ready to study Japanese?

When you can understand Japanese, Anime is more fun!

It is an interesting point that the Anime character is your teacher!

SFromA Level 1

  • 幼なじみ = おさななじみ = (o sa na na ji mi)
    → childhood friend

bakugo’s friend said this words.

friend = ともだち = (to mo da chi)

  • 雨 = あめ = (a me)
    → rain

Here is how to say weather.

  • sunny = 晴れ = はれ = (ha re)
  • cloudy = 曇り = くもり = (ku mo ri)

I think these three are basic weather, so try to memorize it.

SFromA Level 2

  • 泣くな = なくな = (na ku na)
    → don’t cry

Midoriya used this words. Could you find it?

The words can say to someone and myself.

  • なんで? = (na nn de?)
    → Why?

The words use by Midoriya.
It is just one word, but the Japanese use many times when we are talking.
There are other question words.

  • what? = なに = (na ni?)
  • when? = いつ = (i tu?)
  • where? = どこ = (do ko?)
  • how? = どうやって = (do u ya tte?)

SFromA Level 3

  • プロいつだって命がけ!!!
    (pu ro ha i tu da tte i no ti ga ke!!!)
    → Pros are always risking their lives!

when Japanese words but sounds like English such as pro, Japanese write by Katakana.
Yellow highlight is connection words.
always = いつだって (i tu da tte),
= いつも (i tu mo).

(toppu hi-ro-ha gakuseijidaini ituwawo nokoshiteiru.)
Top heroes have stories about them from their school days.

(karerano ookuga hanashiwo koumusubu)
Most of their stories have one thing in common:

(kanngaeruyori sakini karadaga ugoite itato.)
Their bodies moved before they had a chance to think.

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