My Hero Academia for studying Japanese SFromA CH04

My Hero Academia
Are you ready to study Japanese from Anime

When You start studying Japanese, you should know this.

  1. Japanese is difficult more than English because of the same words but different meanings by different Pronunciation.
  2. Japanese is difficult, so you need to keep studying!!
  3. Anime characters teach you how to pronounce Japanese.

If you are first time SFromA, you should check these 3 steps before studying.

  1. Do you just watch Anime? It waste of your time…
  2. The first step to study Japanese
  3. How to use “Study from Anime(SFromA)”??

Are you ready???
Let’s keep studying!
Don’t stop it. It is a way to be a good Japanese speaker and listener.

SFromA Level 1

Level 1 is you can learn new vocabulary.
First, Izuku finds Uraraka, and he said…

・いいひと (i i hi to)
 → The nice person!


いい (i i) means good
わるい (wa ru i) means bad

ひと (hi to) means person

Second, Izuku though I can’t pass the test… and he said

・くやしい (ku ya shi i)
 → It’s so frustrating…


You can memorize it. When you can memorize it, you try it to listen how to pronounce it. Deku teaches you!!!

SFromA Level 2

Today’s level 2 is you can memoize it, and you can use it in Japan! In other words, the Japanese use these words in life. Moreover, when you can listen and understand, you can try to find it from other Anime.
Let’s keep going!

First, Before the test, Deku is nervous…

・きんちょうする~ (ki nn cho u su ru)
 → I’m so nervous…


nervos = 緊張 = きんちょう = (ki nn cho u)

If you want to ask someone,
きんちょうした? (ki nn cho u shi ta?)
When you ask, Last word’s sound is going to rise.

Second, Present Mic explains about the test.

・おすすめするぜ。(o su su me su ru ze.)
 → I recommend ~~~


I recommend A,
→ Aを(wo) おすすめする。(o su su me su ru)

Present Mic said ~~~ぜ。(ze)
→ It is his speaking style, so you don’t need to put it. Just remove it!

SFromA Level 3

Level 3 focuses on connection words. It needs to learn many times because of connection words a lot and the same words but different meanings.
So, you need to know many situations.

・じこぎせいせいしんってやつが。(ji ko gi se i no se i shi nn tte ya tu ga)
 → The spirit of self-sacrifice!


First, there are new words.
・self-sacrifice = じこぎせい (ji ko gi se i)
・sacrifice = ぎせい (gi se i)
Don’t remember that self = じこ(ji ko). It isn’t correct!
・spirit = せいしん (se i shi nn)

Yellow highlight is connection words.
This is an easy one! You should understand it.
A of B = B の(no) A.
EX) Tree of Apple. = りんご (ri nn go = apple) の(no) き (ki)

(sou, ukabi agarunoda)
That’s right. It rises to the surface…

(hi-ro no daizenntei)
The most important qualification of a hero…

(jikogisei no seishinn tteyatuga)
The spirit of self-sacrifice!

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