Cutie Items. You should buy it


In Pheonix, there is Cutie you can buy everything under $1.50.
Cutie has a Daiso product. Daiso is a very famous $1.50 shop in Japan.

In California has a Daiso, but Arizona does not have it.
However, Cutie opened one year ago.

I am Japanese, so I can recommend what is a good item or not. Also,
I tried almost foods and items in Cutie.
I got you what is you want. After you read this page,
you will want to go Daiso or Cutie right now!

※Always, Cutie is coming new items or stuck items,
so if you have specific items which are you want, asking an employer.

First, I write about snacks. Cutie has many kinds of snacks.
These three snacks are very famous, so these snacks often sold out.


1, Baby Star, Crispy Noddle Snack

This is a big one.

These are small one.

2, Tohato, Caramel Corn, Matcha flavor

This is so good!
Japanese likes it, so often sold out.

3, happy term

American and Japanese buy a lot.


1, Royal Milk Tea, Strawberry Milk

Very very popular drinks!!!!
Employer stocks almost every week.

2, Ramune

Shirakiku Ramune is $1.25
Sangaria Ramune is $1.50
Especially, Strawberry, Grape, and Melon is popular.

3, Gun-gun-gurt

Taste like milky and sweet.
I can’t explain exactly, but this is very good.

Many custormers buy whole case for drinks and snacks.
Also, you can order for the specific items!!!

Cutie opens Monday 12:00 – 8:00

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday through Saturday 12:00 – 8:00

Sunday 12:00 – 6:00

Saturday is normally very busy because Japanese school has Saturday.
After class, many Japanese customers coming to Cutie.
Monday through Friday is not busy, so you can take a time to watch each item.
The store is very small, so when many customers are in, I don’t like it.

I recommend that you should go on Friday.
Employer ready to be busy for the weekend, so many staffs restock.
But, the employer said that Saturday and Sunday coming new items a lot, so …

You should go Cutie once a week lol.