Demon Slayer for studying Japanese Part 21

Demon Slayer
Are you ready to study Japanese from Anime

When You start studying Japanese, you should know this.

  1. Japanese is difficult more than English because of the same words but different meanings by different Pronunciation.
  2. Japanese is difficult, so you need to keep studying!!
  3. Anime characters teach you how to pronounce Japanese.

If you are first time SFromA, you should check these 3 steps before studying.

  1. Do you just watch Anime? It waste of your time…
  2. The first step to study Japanese
  3. How to use “Study from Anime(SFromA)”??

Hello guys! Are you ready to study Japanese??

How do you watch Anime now?
Japanese/English sab?
Just English?

When you can understand Japanese, you will be surprised about how difference.

Please watch Japanese and english sub!!!
You can’t understand what they say, but you can hear real Japanese!!!

Let’s study Japanese!!!

SFromA Level 1

SFromA Level 1 focuses on vocabulary.

・まもる (ma mo ru)
 → protect

・あたたかい (a ta ta ka i)
 → warm

・じごく (ji go ku)
 → hell

・てんごく (te nn go ku)
 → heaven

SFromA Level 2

SFromA Level 2 focuses on the short sentence that you can use if you can memorize it.
You need to memorize it with pronouncing too.

First, the teacher is Rui which is demon.
・ごめんなさい (go me nn na sa i)
 → I’m sorry.


if you did bad thing, just say it.

SFromA Level 3

SFromA Level 3 focuses on Japanese connection words.
It is hard to understand the definition of connection words because it is a lot of meanings.

SFromA uses many situations to teach you how to work Japanese connection words.
It will help you understand it.

・いっしょいくよ。じごくでも。(i ssho ni i ku yo. ji go ku de mo)
 → We’ll be going together even if it’s to Hell.


Today’s connection word is “

に (ni): definition: place to.

EX) がっこういく。(ga kko u ni i ku)
 → go to school

EX) おみせいく。 (o mi se ni i ku)
 → go to store.

 Because demons were once human, too!
Just like me, they were human, too!
Tanjiro Kamado