My Hero Academia for studying Japanese SFromA CH07

My Hero Academia
Are you ready to study Japanese from Anime

When You start studying Japanese, you should know this.

  1. Japanese is difficult more than English because of the same words but different meanings by different Pronunciation.
  2. Japanese is difficult, so you need to keep studying!!
  3. Anime characters teach you how to pronounce Japanese.

If you are first time SFromA, you should check these 3 steps before studying.

  1. Do you just watch Anime? It waste of your time…
  2. The first step to study Japanese
  3. How to use “Study from Anime(SFromA)”??

Hello guys!
Are you ready to study Japanese?

Anime character waits in your TV lol.

Deku is your teacher.

How do you answer???
Are you ready?

(ha i)

Let’s go!

SfromA Level 1

SFromA Level 1 is you can learn new words!

・はんだん (ha nn da nn)
 → reaction (noun)

・はんだんする (ha nn da nn su ru)
 → react

・てのひら (te no hi ra)
 → palm

・かつ (ka tu)
 → win

SFromA Level 2

SFromA Level 2 focuses on a short sentence. When you can memorize it, you can use it!!
Again, you can hear correct sounds from Anime characters!

First, Kacchan said to Izuku.
 → looking away?

Second, Izuku said Kacchan in battle…
 → I have no choice but to do it.


For example, if you forgut the paper that due today,
you should do it now… やるしかない!!

SFromA Level 3

SFromA Level 3 focuses on Japanese connection words. It is hard, but it is important.
Let’s keep studying!

Allmight explains about Kacchan.
 → He was always good at reacting quickly in a crisis.


・すぐれていた (su gu re te i ta) = good at
・はんだん (ha nn da nn) = reacting
・とっさ (to ssa) = quickly

Today’s Japanese connection word is ”には
はんだんには すぐれている= He is good at reacting, but he is not good at another thing.

(ti ga u yo)
That’s not it…

(ki mi ga,,,)

(kimi ga sugoihito dakara katitainnjyanaika)
You’re an amazing person, so that’s why I want to beat you!

(katte, koetainnjyanaika! bakayarou!)
I want to win and surpass you, you idiot!
Izuku Midoriya

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