Demon Slayer for studying Japanese Part 06

Demon Slayer
Are you ready to study Japanese from Anime

When You start studying Japanese, you should know this.

  1. Japanese is difficult more than English because of the same words but different meanings by different Pronunciation.
  2. Japanese is difficult, so you need to keep studying!!
  3. Anime characters teach you how to pronounce Japanese.

If you are first time SFromA, you should check these 3 steps before studying.

  1. Do you just watch Anime? It waste of your time…
  2. The first step to study Japanese
  3. How to use “Study from Anime(SFromA)”??

Hello guys! Are you ready to study Japanese?

Tanjiro and Nezuko are your teacher!
You can study about new Japanese vocabulary, short sentence, and Japanese connection words.

Studying is boring and most of guys hate it…
But many guys like Anime!

You can study from Anime.
It helps you!

SFromA Level 1

Here will be a new vocabulary.

・はこ (ha ko)
 → box

・かるい (ka ru i)
 → light, not heavy

・おもい (o mo i)
 → heavy

SFromA Level 2

SFromA Level 2 focuses on short sentence which is you memorize it and you can use it in Japan.
Some Japanese are same words but different meaning. We figure out by pronounce.
Thus, you need to learn pronounceation.
Your proffesor is Anime character!

Today’s teacher is Urokodaki.
When Tanjiro goes to new town, Urokodaki said “Hold on. Do you mind?”

・ちょっといいか? (cyo tto i i ka?)


When you use this short sentence, you want to do something to him or her.

If you want to ask someone who you don’t know or elders, you should say
“ちょっといいですか?” (cyo tto i i de su ka?)

SFromA Level 3

SFromA Level 3 focuses on the Japanese connection word.
Japanese connection words are important, but it is hard.
You need to memorize the words and situation.

Tanjiro said about the demon’s skill

・じめんかべなら、(ji me nn ya ka be na ra)
 → From the ground or this wall…


Today’s connection word is “や” (ya)
や means “or”.

・りんごみかん = apple or orange.
 → ri nn go mi ka nn

・あかきいろ = red or yellow
 → a ka や ki i to

Try to understand the situation!

All humans are your family

Protect humans

The demons are the enemy!!!

Never forgive any demon who brings harm onto humans!
Sakonji Urokodaki