Tokyo Ghoul for studying Japanese 12 SFromA

Tokyo Ghoul
When you study Japanese, you need to know this!
  1. English and Japanese are very different, so don’t worry that you can’t understand everything.
  2. You should study every day, so Anime is helpful. Whenever you can hear real Japanese. You don’t need to pay for a Japanese tutor.
  3. you should keep studying in your life.
    Thus, Anime is helpful because Anime has a lot of kinds.

※If you never studying Japanese, you should watch this one first.
1, Do you just watch Anime?
2, The first step to study Japanese
3, How to use “Study from Anime(SFromA)”??

How’s going so far? This is the last chapter of studying from Tokyo Ghoul.

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It will help me to create another SFromA!

Let’s finish strong!!!! Keep going!

SFromA Level 1

Today, Tokyo Ghuol Teaches you the color.

  • Red = 赤色 = あかいろ = (a ka i ro)
  • White = 白色 = しろいろ = (shi ro i ro)

Two-color is important in Tokyo Ghoul.
あか used for the meaning of Rize. Kaneki was white, but he is going be red when he accepts Rize.

  • blue = 青色 = あおいろ = (a o i ro)
  • yellow = 黄色 = きいろ = (ki i ro)
  • green = 緑色 = みどりいろ = (mi do ri i ro)
  • Black = 黒色 = くろいろ = (ku ro i ro)
SFromA Level 2
  • 久しぶりね。金木君
    Long time no see, Kaneki.

The sentence used by Rize.
You can memorize this one if you are a lady.
You can’t take off “ね”. The words help sounds soft.
If you are a guy, you don’t need to say “ね”。
you can say it but sounds like a lady haha.

  • 男?女?右?左? = おとこ?おんな?みぎ?ひだり?
    (o to ko? o nn na? mi gi? hi da ri?)
    →The men? The women? The right one? The left one?

The sentence used by Yamori.
You can hear many words at one time.
How many can you hear it?

SFromA Level 3
  • 言いつけ守って生きてるの?
    (i i tu ke wo ma mo tte i ki te i ru no?)
    → You obeyed what she told you to do.

きいろ is connection words, so just check it out.
These words are important for understanding this sentence.

  • いいつけ = what she told you.
  • まもる = obey,
    If you confused, you studied a lot. Good job!
    まもる means protect too.
    But this situation, subtitle says “obeys.”
  • Obey = 従う = したがう
    is perfect Japanese to obey.

This is last part, so I give you two nice one.


I can always surpass you.

Even if that is the wrong choice?

I’m not the one who’s wrong.

What’s wrong… is the world.
By Rize and Ken Kaneki


All of the disadvantage in this world

stems from a person’s lack of ability.
By Yamori and Rize

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