The Promised Neverland (SFromA) Part 11

The Promised Neverland
When you study Japanese, you should know this!
  1. English and Japanese are very different, so don’t worry that you can’t understand everything.
  2. You should study every day, so Anime is helpful.
  3. you should keep studying in your life.
    Thus, Anime is helpful because when you are interesting, you can keep studying!!!

※If you never studying Japanese, you should watch this one first.

1, Do you just watch Anime?
2, The first step to study Japanese
3, How to use “Study from Anime(SFromA)”??

Are you ready to study Japanese?

Teachers are always waiting for you! But, one great teacher who is Norman leaves…

Anyway, you need to keep studying!!!

Did you understand what Norman said to Emma?

Did you see his face? I think you just read the subtitles, so you can’t see it…

If you can understand Japanese, anime will change it. Let’s go!!!!

SFromA Level 1

First, Emma said “I didn’t want Mom to figure out our true intentions.”

  • true = 本当 = ほんと = (ho nn to)

When you watch this scene, try to listen carefully. Then, you can hear the ほんと(ho nn to)

Opposite meaning.↓

false or wrong = 間違い = まちがい = (ma ti ga i)

Second, Ray said “I’ve never really been interested in studying or reading.”

  • studying = 勉強 = べんきょう = (be nn kyo u)
  • readying = 読書 = どくしょ = (do ku sho)

If you want to say study for verb, you can say

  • study = 勉強する = べんきょうする = (be nn kyo u su ru)
  • read = 読む = よむ = (yo mu)
SFromA Level 2

Level 2 focuses on more words! We can study Japanese words from little be long sentence.

First, Ray yelling.

  • Food? Merchandise? I don’t give a crap!
    → 食用?商品?知ったことか?
    → しょくよう?しょうひん?しったことか?
    → (sho ku yo u? sho u hi nn? shi tat ko to ka?)
  • Food = 食用 = しょくよう = (sho ku yo u)
  • merchandise = 商品 = しょうひん = (sho u hi nn)
  • I don’t give a crap! = しったことか = (shi tta ko to ka)

Normally, we say food = 食べ物 = たべもの = (ta be mo no)

SFromA Level 2

Level 2 focus on more words! We can study Japanese words from little be long sentence.

Let’s keep going guys!

First, Ray said

  • But I endured it, and I worked hard to improve my value to the highest it could be.
    → でも、我慢して努力して吊り上げてきた、自分の値打ちを。最上級まで。
    → でも、がまんしてどりょくしてつりあげてきた、じぶんのねうちを。さいじょうきゅうまで
    → (demo, gamannshite doryokushite turiagetekita, jibunn no neutiwo. saijyoukyu made.)
  • But = でも = (de mo)
  • endure = 我慢する = がまんする = (ga ma nn su ru)
  • work hard = 努力 = どりょく = (do ryo ku)
  • my = 自分 = じぶん = (ji bu nn)
  • value = 値打ち = ねうち = (ne u ti)
  • my value = じぶんのねうち = (ji bu nn no ne u ti)
  • the highest = 最上級 = さいじょうきゅう = (sa i jyo u kyu u)

Today’s level 2 is a lot of words, so that’s it.

SFromA Level 3

Level 3 focuses on connection words. It is hard, but it is important.

You need to keep studying!!!

First, Ray said

  • I’m going to take that away from them tonight.
    → それ今夜取り上げる。
    → それをこんやとりあげる。
    → (sore wo konnya toriageru)

Did you remeber connection word を(wo)?

I explained last chapter. If you do not remeber, you can back!

Here is quick tip.

を(wo) = explain target.

I’m going to take that away from them tonight. ↓

それ(so re) what?
→ take away.

Second, Also Ray said…

  • I’m a human being!
    → 俺人間だ。
    → おれはにんげんだ。
    → (ore ha ninngenn da)

connection words は(ha) is different pronounciation.

Connection word は(ha) sounds わ(wa).

That’s it! Good work!!!

Next CH12 is last! I can say just keep going!!!

↓↓Just memorize this word↓↓

shut up and come.
(da ma tte ko i)

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