The Promised Neverland (SFromA) Part 04

The Promised Neverland
When you study Japanese, you should know this!
  1. English and Japanese are very different, so don’t worry that you can’t understand everything.
  2. You should study every day, so Anime is helpful.
  3. you should keep studying in your life.
    Thus, Anime is helpful because when you are interesting, you can keep studying!!!

※If you never studying Japanese, you should watch this one first.

1, Do you just watch Anime?
2, The first step to study Japanese
3, How to use “Study from Anime(SFromA)”??

What’s up guys! Are you ready to study Japanese?
When you can speak or understand Japanese, you’re world going to change!!!

Also, If you at least can read Japanese, you can check the Japanese HP for checking Anime site too.
Anyway, you need to keep studying! Anime chracters teach you how to pronounce Japanese.
Watch Anime, in other words, you can listen to real Japanese.
Let’s go !!!

SFromA Level 1

First, the word from Emma. Emma said
“Also, I want to believe, after all”

And I pick up the this word!↓

  • Believe = 信じる = しんじる = (shi nn ji ru)

If you want to say “I want to believe” → しんじたい (shi nn ji ta i)

You know English change the word style such as like and liked, and it is same with Japanese. Emma said しんじたい。

Can you listen the words from Emma??

Second, Emma said “no one within our siblings is a bad person.”

And, I picked up this one!↓

  • bad = 悪い = わるい = (wa ru i)
  • Person = 人 = ひと = (hi to)

Emma teaches you more adjective for you!

  • clean = きれい = (ki re i)
  • dirty = きたない = (ki ta na i)
  • beautiful = うつくしい = (u tu ku shi i)
  • amazing = すごい = (su go i)

Let’s go learner! These words are basic, and you need to memorize!!

SFromA Level 2

Level two is a little be long sentence. It is helpful to touch many Japanese at one time!

First, Izabera said “I was worried because you were a tomboy, but it look you’re fine.” to the new mom who is Krone.

  • I was worried because you were a tomboy, but it look you’re fine.
    → オテンバだったから心配してたけど、大丈夫見たいね。
    (otennba dattakara shinnpai shitakedo, daijyoubu mitaine.)
  • tomboy = おてんば = (o te nn ba)
  • worry = 心配 = しんぱい = (shi nn pa i)
  • you’re fine = 大丈夫。 = だいじょうぶ = (da i jyo u bu)

Just try to listen the words from Anime. Don’t worry about you can’t listen everything because it is difficult. You need to listen many times.

Second, Emma said “Also, I want to believe, after all” The conversation is super nice if you can listen by Japanese.

  • Also, I want to believe, after all
    → それにね、やっぱり私は信じたい。
    → それにね、やっぱりわたしはしんじたい。
    → (serenene, yappari watashiha shinnjitai)
  • Also, = それに = (so re ni)

If you said それに (so re ni ne), it sounds like lady. If you are lady, you can use it, but if you are man don’t use it.
Man can use just それに (so re ni)

  • believe = しんじる = (shi nn ji ru )
    → you should check SFromA level 1 above again if you want to
  • after all, = やっぱり = (ya pap ri)
SFromA Level 3

Level 3 is hard if you are the first time to learn Japanese.
Level 3 focuses on the Japanese connection. Japanese connection is important, but it is super harder.
You need to learn many times, and you need to know how it works.

If you think it is hard, you can keep studying Japanese words.

First one, Emma said, “no one within our siblings is a bad person.”

  • no one within our siblings is a bad person.
    → 兄弟に悪い子はいないと思う。
    → きょうだいわるいこいないおもう。
    → (Kyoudai ni waruiko ha inai to omou)
  • siblings = きょうだい = (kyoudai)
  • bad person = わるいこ = (waruiko)
  • no one = いない = (inai)

Yellow highlight is connection words.

は (ha) → but when using for connection words, the sounds “wa”

How are you? Are you Okey?? I know it is hard, but it will help you a lot!!!

↓↓Just memorize this one↓↓

Easy peasy!
らくしょう (ra ku sho u)

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