The Promised Neverland (SFromA) Part 03

The Promised Neverland
When you study Japanese, you should know this!
  1. English and Japanese are very different, so don’t worry that you can’t understand everything.
  2. You should study every day, so Anime is helpful.
  3. you should keep studying in your life.
    Thus, Anime is helpful because when you are interesting, you can keep studying!!!

※If you never studying Japanese, you should watch this one first.

1, Do you just watch Anime?
2, The first step to study Japanese
3, How to use “Study from Anime(SFromA)”??

Welcome back SFromA!
Let’s keep going! Don’t rash. You just need to keep studying!

SFromA Level 1

Today’s section is what and how a Japanese uses questions??

First, Emma asks Ray about where is a good place in the plant.

  • Where = どこ (do ko)

You know when you talk, you use just “Where” right?

It is same in Japanese, so you can use just “どこ” is fine!

There is another question…

  • when = いつ (i tsu)
  • what = なに (na ni)
  • why = なぜ (なぜ)

Second… I teach you how Japanese say body parts.

  • hand = て(te)
  • ear = みみ(mi mi)

There is another body parts.

  • head = あたま (a ta ma)
  • neck = くび (ku bi)
  • Shoulder = かた(ka ta)
  • chest = むね(mu ne)

Today’s section is super important, so try to memorize all words!

SFromA Level 2

This is level two. You can see a lot of words in sentence.

First, Ray talked about new mom.

  • She’s settling down in a bad spot.
    (i ya na ba syo ni su mi tu ki ya ga tta)

bad spot = いやなばしょ(i ya na ba sho)
setting down = すみつく(su mi tu ki)

~~がった(ga tta) used a lot by Ray. The words are not formal, the words use by young guys. ※don’t use lady!!

Second, New mom (Krone)

  • Running while carrying two kids. You must be tired, Emma.
    (hu ta ri ka ka e te ha shi ri tu du ke te, tu ka re ta de sho, Emma)

Here is the words.

  • Run = はしる(ha shi ru)
  • while~ = ~のあいだ(〜a i da)
  • tired = つかれた(tsu ka re ta)
SFromA Level 3

How’s going so far? I know you can do it. Let’s keep it!!!
From here, level 3. Check the conecction words until generally understand.

First, Emma said that

  • Where and what kind of a device would be the most convenient to implant?
    (do ko ni, do nn na ha sshi nn ki wo u me ko me ba tsu go u ga i i?)

Don’t forget that when you ask to someone, the end of last words is going to rise.

There are the words in this sentence

  • where = どこ(do ko)
  • what kind = どんな(do nn na)
  • device = きかい(ki ka i)
  • concenient = つごうがいい(tsu go u ga i i )
  • implant = うめこむ(u me ko mu)

Today is rest day haha. Level three is just one! Nice work.

↓↓Just memorize this one↓↓

What do you mean?
どういうこと??(do u i u ko to?)

You can move to another Anime from here!

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