Tokyo Ghoul for studying Japanese 10 SFromA

Tokyo Ghoul
When you study Japanese, you need to know this!
  1. English and Japanese are very different, so don’t worry that you can’t understand everything.
  2. You should study every day, so Anime is helpful. Whenever you can hear real Japanese. You don’t need to pay for a Japanese tutor.
  3. you should keep studying in your life.
    Thus, Anime is helpful because Anime has a lot of kinds.

※If you never studying Japanese, you should watch this one first.
1, Do you just watch Anime?
2, The first step to study Japanese
3, How to use “Study from Anime(SFromA)”??

What’s up guys! げんき???

Let’s keep studying!!! You are going to be better “Little by little”. すこしずつ!

Do you remember? If you do not remember, you can check CH9!!!

I don’t care, I want to study, These guys… Let’s go! Don’t worry about it haha.

SFromA Level 1

Today, I show you some Japanese verbs which are the basic word’s style.
Japanese change to different styles and changing the meaning.
It can learn later… Now, you need to know a lot of words!!

  • 守る = まもる = (ma mo ru)
    → protect
  • 死ぬ = しぬ = (shi nu)
    → die
  • わかる = (wa ka ru)
    → understand
  • 奪う = うばう = (u ba u)
    → stole

Many Japanese Verbs finish by sounds “u”.
I did highlight, so you can understand what I want to say.

SFromA Level 2
  • これはどう? = (ko re ha do u?)
    → How do you like this? Or, How about this?

The sentence used by Yamori to kaneki.
Just memorize this one!

  • ここにはいないです。= (ko ko ni ha i na i nn de su)
    → She isn’t here anymore.

The sentence used by Kaneki to Banjo.
Kaneki talked about Rize, so the subtitle shows she, but the Japanese sentence does not have exact point of SHE.
It means you use anytime when you want to say “One isn’t here anymore.”

SFromA Level 3
  • マル使えるものなんでも使うからな
    (ma ru ha tu ka e ru mo no ha na nn de mo tu ka u ka ra na)
    → Maru will use whatever he can use.

Yellow highlight is connection words. Just check it out!
The sentence used by Shinohara.
Could you find it???
These are important words for understanding the sentence.

  • 使える = つかえる = (tu ka e ru)
    → can use
    つかう = (tu ka u) = use
    ※can ≠え(e)
  • なんでも = (na nn de mo)
    → whatever
You can’t fly anywhere on that wing of yours.

Go ahead and crawl along the ground.
by Kirishama Ayato

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